Travel Grants for Student in Wildland Fire Science and Management

The Travel, Research, and Education Experience (TREE) Grant Program is offering graduate and undergraduate travel grants from $250 to $1,500 to fund student travel to fire-related conferences, symposia, workshops, and laboratories. These competitively-awarded grants will fund direct travel costs for transportation, lodging, registration fees, and printing or preparation of presentation materials (e.g. posters, maps, audio-visual materials).  Both Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible.
The objectives of the TREE grant program are to nurture excellence in student research by facilitating active student participation in conferences and in laboratories where they can meet other fire researchers and managers who may provide opportunities for future jobs, internships, or collaborations on research and management projects.
Applying for TREE Grants is a simple process, and any student can apply, but preference for awarding TREE grants goes to students giving oral or poster presentations at fire-related conferences.  Presentations may be about completed research projects, theses/dissertation research, or works-in-progress.  For students who have never attended a fire conference before, receiving a TREE Grant and giving an oral or poster presentation make attractive vitae entries for their emerging careers.
This October 8-10, 2013 AFE and the Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientists are hosting the Wildland Fire in the Appalachians Conference.  This event offers an excellent opportunity for students to utilize TREE grants to learn from and network with fire researchers and managers. This conference features special opportunities for students: a poster session giving awards to the best student posters, Student Excellence Awards for Graduate and Undergraduate Students, and opportunities to volunteer at the conference for greatly reduced registration fees.
The deadline is August 15th for submitting TREE grant applications to attend the Wildland Fire in the Appalachians Conference.
To obtain an application, or request more information on TREE Grants or the Wildland Fire in the Appalachians Conference, please contact Dr. Timothy Ingalsbee or Catia Juliana, Co-Directors of the Association for Fire Ecology, at 541-852-7903 or
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