Graduate Certificate in Forest Carbon Science, Policy, and Management from Michigan State Univ

Starting Fall 2013, the Michigan State University Department of Forestry will once again offer the Graduate Certificate in Forest Carbon Science, Policy and Management. And we are pleased to announce that each of the four courses required to complete the certificate are now available online.

The Graduate Certificate in Forest Carbon Science, Policy and Management offers students the interdisciplinary tools and conceptual background to plan, implement, manage and evaluate forestry-based, climate-change mitigation projects. The Certificate program gives students an edge in competing for employment in carbon mitigation projects of corporation, governments, and non-governmental organizations.

The program teaches students how forest management actions affect forest carbon balance, the ins and outs of forest carbon markets, the social context of managing forests for carbon sequestration, and the tools for measuring, monitoring, and accounting for forest carbon including satellite imagery, remote sensing, and integrated carbon sequestration models.

Eligibility: The program is open to a wide range of students, including students with a bachelors degree who are not enrolled in an M.S. or Ph.D. program, as well as current M.S. and Ph.D. students at MSU and other universities. To be considered for admission into the Graduate Certificate in Forest Carbon Science, Policy and Management program, applicants should have completed a bachelors degree in forestry, natural resources, environmental sciences, or a related field. The program is open to students in any environment-related graduate program at MS. Given the need to integrate sustainability and climate change mitigation across all economic sectors, the program will consider applicants from all backgrounds, including those involved in business, law, forestry, natural resources, environmental consulting, and government. Students without experience in forestry or a related field may need to supplement the certificate courses with independent study or additional coursework. The certification will appear on transcripts of MSU Graduate Students. Students not enrolled in an MSU graduate degree program will receive an MSU Certificate.

Requirements: To earn the Certificate, students must complete all of the following
FOR 831:  Forest Biogeochemistry and Global Climate Change
FOR 833:  Human Dimensions of Forest Carbon Management
FOR 835:  Forest Carbon Policy, Economics, and Finance
FOR 837:  Measurement and Monitoring of Forest Carbon

FOR 831 and FOR 833 will be offered during Fall Semester 2013 and FOR 835
and FOR 837 will be offered in Spring Semester 2014. See MSU Schedule of Courses for more details.

For more information: visit or contact Dr. David Rothstein at (517) 432-3353 or

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