Post-doc in Peatland Paleoecology, Permafrost, and Global Carbon Cycling; University of Alaska, Fairbanks

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) seeks a postdoctoral researcher for an NSF P2C2– funded project focused on understanding of the role of peatlands and thermokarst lakes in the rise of atmospheric methane concentrations at the end of the last glacial maximum. We are looking for a candidate with an interest and expertise in paleoecology, specifically, peatland and thermokarst lake development, permafrost dynamics, and the
global carbon cycle.

The successful candidate will focus on procuring and digitizing peatland and permafrost data from the northern high latitudes since deglaciation, database development and management, applying data synthesis products to transfer functions, as well as conducting peat core analyses (plant macrofossils, pollen). In addition to paleoecology, the candidate will work closely with co-investigators to compare bottom-up and top-down models of methane sources and sinks. If the candidate has an interest in stable isotope geochemistry and/or modeling, s/he will have the opportunity to work more closely on these aspects of the project.

Requirements: The successful candidate should be close to completing or have completed a PhD in paleoclimate, paleoecology, or a related field. The candidate should have experience with peat core analysis, knowledge of modern peatland ecology, and an interest in the role of peatlands in the global carbon cycle.

The postdoc will be hired through the University of Alaska Fairbanks, advised by PI Katey Walter Anthony (UAF), and co-advised by Miriam Jones (U.S. Geological Survey in Reston, VA). Other PIs on the project are Guido Grosse (UAF) and Todd Sowers (Penn State). The one-year postdoc can begin as early as June 1, 2013 and will remain open until filled.

To Apply: Applications must include a statement of research interest, a complete CV, including a complete list of publications, names and contact information (name, relation to candidate, email, and telephone) for three referees.  Applications and inquiries should be sent to Katey Walter Anthony ( and Miriam Jones (

The University of Alaska is an Equal Opportunity employer.

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