AGU Session on Vulnerability, Disturbance Impacts, and Recovery: Dec 9-13, 2013

This year, the AGU Fall Meeting to be held in San Francisco, CA December 9-13, 2013 will have a session on “Vulnerability, Disturbance Impacts, and Recovery” co-sponsored by the Biogeosciences, Hydrology and Global Climate Change sections.

Session Description: Studies to assess vulnerability (metrics and indicators) under climate change have become widespread in recent years. Vulnerable systems are more susceptible to disturbances that in turn alter biophysical,eco-hydrological, biogeochemical, and societal processes. Under climate change these disturbances are occurring in new ecosystems and in others are projected to increase in frequency, intensity, and spatial extent. This session solicits abstracts encompassing a range of disturbances, including fire, herbivory, biomass removals, land conversion, extreme weather, and invasive species. We seek studies developing vulnerability metrics and indicators; evaluating extent, intensity, and impact of disturbances; and recovery / succession following the events. We further seek studies focusing on (i) extreme disturbance events and (ii) coupling of biophysical and societal systems under change, including analyzing ecological and social trajectories following disturbances.”

Abstract submission

Deadline: August 6th (AGU never accepts late abstracts)

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