AGU Session: Dynamics of Global Forests under a Changing Climate, Dec 9-13, 2013

Submissions are invited for the upcoming AGU session “B022. Dynamics of Global Forests under a Changing Climate” to be held at the annual fall meeting, December 9-13, 2013. This session is cohosted by sections Biogeosciences, Global Environmental Change, and Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences. More information can be accessed here.

Description: Forests are an influential component of the global carbon cycle and play an important role in Earth’s climate system. Climate change is altering forest dynamics, driving biogeochemical and biophysical feedbacks to the climate system. This session will focus on impacts of climate change on forests globally and consequent climate feedbacks. In particular, it will address both the mechanisms through which altered atmospheric CO2 and climate are likely to impact forest dynamics, including physiological responses, community dynamics, and biogeochemical cycling, and the implications of forest-climate feedbacks that could buffer or accelerate change.

Deadline for abstract submission is August 6, 2013. Abstracts can be submitted here.

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