Biogeosciences Special Issue: Impacts of disturbance and extreme climate events

Biogeosciences journal is currently organizing a special issue that we are focusing on impacts of disturbances and extreme climate events. Guest editors for the issue are Drs. Jingfeng Xiao, Shuguang Liu, and Paul Stoy. Details can be obtained here.

The issue is currently open for submission, deadline to submit a manuscript is September 30, 2013.

A brief description on the special issue is as follows:
Extreme climate events (e.g., drought, heat and cold waves) and disturbances (e.g., fire, hurricane, and insect outbreaks) substantially affect carbon cycle processes. However, their impacts on terrestrial carbon dynamics over landscapes, regions, and continents are not well understood. We invite submissions that investigate and quantify the impacts of extreme climate events and disturbances on the terrestrial carbon dynamics over various spatial and temporal scales using observations (e.g., eddy covariance flux measurements, and national inventories), remote sensing, state-of-the-art modeling approaches (e.g., ecosystem models, upscaling methods), and model-data fusion techniques. A special issue focusing on this topic will be timely and valuable to the research communities of carbon and global change.

Collectively, we believe that this special issue will play a critical role in our understanding of how extreme climate events and disturbances influence the terrestrial carbon cycle and increase the visibility and influences of Biogeosciences in carbon cycle and climate change.

Some specific advantages of having the special issue in Biogeosciences are:
1) Publication date is not limited by the latest paper/slowest peer-review process: every individual contribution to the special issue is published as soon as available.
2) Efficient interactive discussion of the common theme on the BGD website.
3) Pre-publication of discussion papers in BGD allows efficient cross-referencing between the final revised papers in BG.

Questions can be addressed to Dr. Jingfeng Xiao
Tel: (603) 862-1873; Fax: (603) 862-0188

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