Post-Doc in Environmental Modeling at EPA, Corvallis OR

A post-doc position in environmental modeling is available at the EPA Western Ecology Division in Corvallis, Oregon. The post-doc will work as part of an interdisciplinary team to assist in the development and application of an integrated ecological and air quality modeling framework. Model results will be used to assist policymakers, rangeland managers, and other stakeholders in addressing the need to balance ecological, economic and human health effects of prescribed biomass burning in the tallgrass prairie ecoregion of the Central Great Plains.

The US EPA is currently seeking one recent Ph.D. graduate for a student service contract. The student service contract will last a duration of one year. The level of education required is a doctorate degree in at least one of the following: environmental science, ecology, hydrology, agricultural science, biogeochemistry civil engineering, computer science,  or a related field. The position pays $40.87 per hour.

Details on the position and application process can be obtained here. Questions should be submitted to Dionne Wright at

Deadline: Applications must be submitted by 4:30 pm EDT on  7/19/2013.

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