Masters Position: Fire Severity and Climate Variability, Utah State University

The James Lutz lab is seeking applications for a graduate student at the MS level to join an ongoing project examining patterns of fire severity and their relations to climate variability (“Disappearing refugia: identifying trends and resilience in unburned islands under climate change”). This opening is at Utah State University, where Dr. Lutz will be joining the faculty in autumn of 2013. Crystal Kolden (University of Idaho) is a collaborator on this project.

When enquiring, please include sufficient information to begin a dialog (at a minimum, your CV, an unofficial transcript, and GRE scores). Please also read some of my publications and those of my collaborators on related topics.

Qualifications: The minimum GRE scores required for admission to Utah State University are the 40th percentile. But because our work in fire ecology, landscape ecology, and community ecology is computationally and quantitatively intense, I prefer students with good quantitative backgrounds (science, math, or engineering), and quantitative GRE scores above the 85th percentile (although that is certainly not a requirement). Our work environment includes R for statistics, MySQL for database work, ESRI for GIS and remote sensing, ENVI for spectral remote sensing, FUSION for LiDAR remote sensing, and Trimble and Leica for surveying. Any experience with those tools is great but not required. Paradoxically, field experience is not a requisite for application, but you will probably be doing a lot of it (I provide considerable in-the-field training for my students). My objective is to work as a partner with students to produce significant work, publishable in high quality journals.

To Apply: From autumn semester: James A Lutz, Assistant Professor, Forest Ecology, Utah State University. Current email:

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