Graduate Student Position: Forest Nutrient Cycling

The Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management and the Program in Environmental Science, both at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY  are recruiting a graduate student (MS or PhD) to work with Ruth Yanai and participate in a large, multi-investigator project on nutrient limitation of young and old
northern hardwood stands at Hubbard Brook, Jeffers Brook, and Bartlett Experimental Forest in New Hampshire, USA.  Thirteen stands have additions of N&P and 6 stands have a Ca addition and are part of the Multiple Element Limitation in Northern Hardwood Ecosystems (MELNHE).

Please contact Heather Engelman at for access to additional password-protected documents; we appreciate communicating with students as part of the
application process.

We welcome inquiries from prospective students interested in above- or below-ground nutrient cycling and tradeoffs in resource acquisition.  Field experience and the ability to live in a group setting are essential ( will consist of a combination of research and teaching assistantships (ability to TA in a General Chemistry lab would be a plus).  US students from under-represented groups may be eligible for college and university-wide Diversity Fellowships.

Instructions for applying are available on line.

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