PhD position: Tree Ring Temperature Reconstructions, MIT/WHOI

The MIT/WHOI Joint Program is looking for a PhD student for a fully funded research program, starting in the Fall of 2014, and focused on developing and analyzing long temperature reconstructions from the northeastern United States over the last 2 millennia, mentored by Kevin Anchukaitis and Jeff Donnelly, as well as Neil Pederson at LDEO.  The project involves collecting and developing living and subfossil tree-ring chronologies from coastal regions from Maine to New Jersey, developing long temperature reconstructions from these data, and evaluating those reconstructions in the context of climate model simulations.  This is an ideal position for someone eager to throw a chainsaw in the truck for a weekend of sampling in New England, but who would also thrive in the quantitative multidisciplinary environment of MIT and WHOI.  Although prior dendrochronology experience would be an asset, it isn’t required.  The most important characteristics for potential students will be the flexibility and motivation to enjoy engaging in the field, laboratory, and analytical parts of the project.

The MIT/WHOI Joint Program is committed to providing five years of tuition and stipend support to every student who is admitted (in this case, two of these years will be fully funded through our project). The Joint Program also has funds to help students attend scientific meetings, conferences, and special courses and to support student research, as well as providing transportation options between the two campuses (Boston and Cape Cod) and housing at MIT and at WHOI.

Deadline: Application deadlines for the Joint Program this year are January 5, 2014.  More information on the application process, stipends, and other benefits can be found here. These pages have additional information about the application process, including answering questions about undergraduate preparation and GREs:

Students who might have an interest in applying should also contact Kevin Anchukaitis  directly at for more information.

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