MS and PhD Positions: Forest Ecology, University of Maine, Orono

Dr. Shawn Fraver is seeking highly motivated graduate students (Masters or Doctoral) to join his new lab at the University of Maine, Orono, where he is an Assistant
Professor in the School of Forest Resources, as well as a Graduate Faculty member in the Ecology & Environmental Sciences program. Dr. Fraver’s research addresses how trees, forest stands, and forested landscapes respond to various disturbances (wind, insect outbreaks, fire) and stressors (drought, competition). He is also interested in better understanding forest productivity and dynamics (particularly carbon dynamics) within the context of changing climates. His work often relies on dendrochronology (tree-ring) methods as a means of characterizing tree growth responses.

The exact nature of the student’s research is flexible and likely to fall within one of the following areas:

1) Identifying previous management practices that have enhanced forest resistance and resilience to past climate extremes and natural disturbances, applying dendrochronology methods.

2) Estimating forest response to climate change over large spatial and temporal scales using forest landscape simulation modelling.

3) Identifying the factors; including climate/weather parameters; that best explain temporal variability in stand-level productivity and tree regeneration.

4) Improving carbon accounting methods, particularly regarding carbon flux from decaying deadwood.

5) Improving our understanding of natural disturbances, as well as the forest structural development that follows disturbance.

The ideal candidate would have strong field and laboratory skills, solid quantitative experience/aptitude, a demonstrated ability to conduct independent research, and excellent interpersonal skills. Funding opportunities are available for a graduate Research Assistantship, which would include a year-round monthly stipend, full tuition remission, and a portion of the health insurance fee.

To Apply: If interested, please send a CV attached to a message briefly explaining your background and research interests to

Deadline: The start date is flexible and will be open until filled.

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