Gordon Conference: Unifying Ecology Across Scales, July 20-25, 2014

This summer, the Gordon Research Conferences will hold a conference that may be of interest to Novus participants titled Unifying Ecology Across Scales: The role of nutrients, metabolism, and physiology. The conference will be held July 20-25, 2014 at the University of New England in Biddeford, ME. The conference is also associated with a seminar of the same title, to be held July 19-20 at the same location.

Conference Details: Many of the impacts humans have on nature affect patterns and processes at multiple spatial, temporal, or organizational scales. Thus predicting the response of nature to human impacts is challenging because changes in one scale can have profound impacts on patterns and processes at other scales of nature. Because ecology has traditionally been focused on patterns and processes at single scales, we have few approaches that allow us to understand cross-scale feedbacks that can influence the patterns and processes we are interested in predicting. The Gordon Research Conference on ‘Unifying Ecology Across Scales: the role of nutrients, metabolism, and physiology’ is a small conference focused on exploring how the availability, acquisition, and transference of energy and nutrients can link patterns and processes across spatial, organizational, and temporal scales. Our goal is to provide a venue for people interested in this topic to discuss the current state of the field and discuss how to promising avenues of future research. Research interests of participants span the diverse areas of ecology, evolution, and physiology, but are united in an interest to use energy and nutrients to unify different areas and approaches to ecology.

About Gordon Research Conferences: GRCs are small conferences ( < 200 people) focused on a specific topic. In this case, the topic is trying to link patterns and processes across scales using nutrients, metabolism, and physiology. Speakers at GRCs are by invite only, but there is a poster session almost every afternoon for attendees to present their research.

The structure of a GRC is unique. Talks occur in the mornings and evenings, leaving the afternoons free for informal discussions, formation of collaborations, and recreational activities (this conference site has kayaking as well as other organized opportunities). Attendees all sleep in the same dorm and eat at the same cafeteria, further creating opportunities for interactions and discussions.

Deadline: Applications to attend this conference are due June 22, 2014. Applications can be submitted online here.

For more information: Additional details can be found in this article by conference Chair Morgan Ernest, or at the GRC page.

A full list of upcoming Gordon Research Conferences can be found here.

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