Associate Editor position: Nature Geoscience

The prestigious journal Nature Geoscience publishes research in the Earth and planetary sciences and currently seeks an associate editor to represent the biogeochemistry research community. The editor will promote the journal’s coverage of the various fields within this broad discipline in the primary research, reviews and opinion sections of the journal.

Requirements: The successful candidate will ideally have a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in a discipline that falls broadly within biogeochemistry. However, strong candidates from all areas of the geosciences will be considered. Postdoctoral experience and broad training will be an advantage.

The role is demanding and intellectually stimulating, and it calls for a keen interest in the practice and communication of science. The successful candidate will be highly motivated and outgoing, and must possess excellent interpersonal skills.

Duties: Key elements of the job include the selection of manuscripts for publication, as well as commissioning, editing and writing for the journal. Close contact with related research communities, through conferences and laboratory visits, will be an essential component of the work.

Salary/Location: The salary and benefits are competitive, reflecting the critical importance and responsibilities of the role. The position will ideally be based in our London office.

To apply: Applicants can be submitted here to vacancy reference NPG/006/14:
• a CV (including a brief account of their research and other relevant experience)
• a research highlight in Nature Geoscience style (about 150 words) on a recent Nature Geoscience paper
• and a brief cover letter explaining their interest in the post and their salary expectations.

For More Information: Please contact the journal’s chief editor Heike Langenberg ( for any queries regarding the position.

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