Two Post-Doc Positions: Disturbance and Carbon Cycling, USGS

The US Geologic Survey is searching for two post-doc level research ecologists to join the Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center at Lakewood, CO. This is a term appointment for which all qualified applicants with or without Federal status may apply and be considered. Appointment to this position, however, will not convey permanent status in the Federal service and will be for a period not to exceed 2 years with possible extensions up to a total of 4 years without further competition.

More details can be found under job listing PAC-2014-0406.

Deadline: This vacancy is limited to the first 50 applications received and will close at midnight Eastern Time on Friday, May 2, 2014.


Carrying out studies that monitor, assess, understand, and project ecosystem disturbances (e.g., fire, insects and diseases, extreme weather) and their resulting impacts on vegetation, carbon stocks and fluxes, and other ecosystem services (e.g., biodiversity or water quality).

– Using advanced remote sensing, geospatial statistical methods, and process-based ecosystem modeling techniques to develop and implement methods related to ecosystem disturbances and their impacts.

– Serving as a team member in interdisciplinary and interagency projects of scientific research, developing plans of action for organizing and conducting research and to communicating with managers and scientists within the agency and with outside agencies as required to meet research objectives and to exchange information and scientific results.

– Contribute to professional and scientific knowledge by presenting their work at scientific conferences and publishing through reports and peer-reviewed scientific journals.


Basic Education Requirement: Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in an accredited college or university leading to a bachelor’s or higher degree in biology or a related field of science underlying ecological research that included at least 30 semester hours or the equivalent in basic and applied biological sciences. These hours must have included at least 9 semester hours or the equivalent in ecology, and 12 semester hours or the equivalent in physical and mathematical sciences.

Specialized Experience Requirement: In addition to meeting the basic education requirement as stated above, applicants must have one year of specialized research experience comparable to the next lower grade in the Federal Service. One year of appropriate specialized experience that is in ecology, biology or a related field of science underlying ecological research is qualifying if it is equivalent to at least the GS-11 level in the Federal service, and if it equipped the applicant with the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position to be filled.

Examples of Specialized Experience for Research Ecologist, GS-12: Experience which has involved scientific inquiry or investigation and has shown creative and outstanding research and/or development that has led or can lead to major advances in a specific area of research. The work must have been creative in the sense that it developed a basic principle, product, concept, method, approach, or technique, or provided a body of basic information that opened the way for a major advance in the discipline or field of science. This work may have been achieved by providing a method of solving problems, opening areas of research and development or providing the means of exploring the application of science in a major area.

Substitution of Education for Specialized Experience. Completion of a PhD in a related professional field is fully qualifying to meet the specialized experience requirement for a GS-12 research position. Combinations of successfully completed graduate level education and specialized experience may be used to meet total experience requirements.

You must meet all qualification and eligibility requirements for the position by the closing date of the announcement.

How you will be evaluated:

Basis of Rating: Category rating will be used in the ranking and selection process for this position. The quality categories are Best Qualified, Well Qualified, and Qualified. If you meet the basic qualification and eligibility requirements of this position, you will be contacted via email after the vacancy announcement closes and given 5 calendar days to submit narrative responses that address the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required to perform the duties of this position. You will be rated and ranked based on the information you provide in your resume as well as the responses you submit to the required KSAs. Veterans’ preference rules for category rating will be applied. The knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this position are as follows:
1. Knowledge and understanding of monitoring and modeling patterns and drivers of ecosystem disturbances (fire, insects and extreme weather, etc.) and their impacts on vegetation, carbon cycling, and other ecosystem services across broad spatial extents.
2. Knowledge of and experience using ecosystem simulation models to analyze the effects of disturbances on vegetation and carbon. Experience developing and implementing ecosystem simulation models using C++, C, FORTRAN, java, python, or other programming languages.
3. Ability to conduct complex and novel scientific investigations related to ecosystem disturbances and carbon cycling as part of a collaborative multi-disciplinary team.
4. Skill in written and oral communication of research results, with demonstrated proficiency in writing technical documentation, articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and making presentations at national scientific meetings.

Benefits: benefits for this position can be reviewed here.

To Apply: Applications (resume and application questions) for this vacancy must be received on-line via USAJOBS BEFORE midnight Eastern Time (Washington, D.C. time) on the closing date of May 2, 2014. If you fail to submit a complete online resume, you will not be considered for this position. Requests for extensions will not be granted. Most libraries, employment offices, and all USGS personnel offices can provide access to the Internet. If applying online poses a hardship for you, you must speak to someone in the Servicing Human Resources Office listed on this announcement PRIOR TO THE CLOSING DATE for assistance.

Instructions for Applying Online for this Vacancy Announcement: 1) Click the blue “Apply Online” button next to job posting PAC-2014-0406. 2) If you are not a registered USAJOBS user, please create a new account and follow the instructions to complete your application process. If you are a registered user, login to access your existing USAJOBS profile. 3) As a registered user, select a stored resume and select one or more of your stored documents to attach to your application. 4) Check the “Certification” box and click the “Apply for this position now!” button located at the bottom of the screen. 5) Address the eligibility questions as well as the questionnaire containing questions and/or task statements that address the knowledge, skills, abilities and/or competencies for this vacancy. 6) Submit required documents using one of the available methods listed below. 7) If you experience technical difficulties during the online application process, please contact the USAJOBS helpdesk.

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