2014 European Dendroecological Fieldweek, September 1-6

The 2014 European Dendroecological Fieldweek will be held September 1-6 in Oviedo, Spain.

This fieldweek will be performed as joint event of the WSL, CETEMAS, IPE-CSIC and the University of Cordoba and will take place in the attractive city of Oviedo (Asturias) and surroundings, providing a scenic Atlantic and Mediterranean environment.

Instructors will include Alan Crivellaro, Andrea Hevia, David Frank, J.Julio Camarero, Kerstin Treydte, Lena Hellmann and Raúl Sánchez-Salguero. More instructors will join very soon, so check updates and news in the website.

The fieldweek is particularly open for young researchers (beginners, Master and PhD students, Postdocs) worldwide from all fields of tree-ring research. Participation will be limited to a maximum of 40 people.

The topics will cover the full spectrum of dendrochronological issues (dendroclimatology, dendroecology and wood anatomy, dendrogeomorphology, dendroarcheology …) and foster cross-disciplinary links. Each topic will include keynote lectures, fieldwork (Tineo forests) and workshops in small groups. All fieldweek participants are expected to present their work and there will be ample opportunity for discussion.

Registration: The registration fee will be 450 Euro including conference fee, accommodation and meals.

Deadline: The deadline for application is June 30 and successful applicants will be notified one week after. Information about grants will be provided on the website soon.

To Apply: Please download the registration form and email it to dendrospain@gmail.com. Selected participants will be notified by 7 July 2014. After notification, send us the proof of payment as soon as possible. Those who will not have paid within 2 weeks after registration will loose the first come first serve advantage.

For More Information: contact dendrospain@gmail.com

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