Novus II Workshop Begins in Rocky Mountain National Park!

Starting today, 25 collaborators from 18 different research institutions spanning three countries are gathering at the YMCA of the Rockies in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, CO for the second Novus RCN Workshop. The participants of the workshop will spend the next three days discussing biogeochemical responses to disturbance events, interactions amongst multiple disturbance agents, and linking concepts of disturbance regimes across time scales.

Participants come from a variety of research backgrounds, with expertise in tools such as isotope analysis, dendrochronology, dynamic global vegetation models, remote sensing, GIS, and charcoal and pollen analysis. Biomes of focus include temperate forests, arctic permafrost, tundra, boreal forests, and sub-alpine ecosystems, primarily throughout North America. Additionally, researchers span a variety of time scales, spanning both neo- and paleo-ecological perspectives.

Check back here for more details as we work our way through the complex world of ecosystem responses to disturbance!

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