Novus II Workshop: Day Two

Today marks the second day of the Novus II workshop, where 25 participants have gathered to discuss integrating impacts of ecosystem disturbance across scales of time, space, and disturbance type.

Today’s breakout groups discussed the following questions:
1) What are the mechanisms of regime change versus resilience in ecosystems? What characteristics of a disturbance regime matter for ecosystem processes?
2) Under what circumstances are ‘legacy effects’ driving modern processes and when/where are they uncoupled?

Participants split into groups to discuss these questions from the perspective of particular research approaches, including spatial techniques (such as remote sensing), temporal ecology, biotic ecology, and biogeochemistry. Each working group developed a conceptual diagram addressing regime shifts and ecosystem resilience from their disciplinary perspective, which was shared with the full group. Tomorrow’s working groups will tackle the same questions, via working groups that span the various disciplinary perspectives, in order to integrate the various approaches.

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