Novus II Workshop: Day Three

Today was an eventful one at the Novus II Workshop! We were welcomed this morning by a couple of lovely rainbows outside our windows.

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We started the day addressing the same questions as the previous working groups. This time, however, we ‘cross-pollinated’ our groups by mixing up the disciplinary perspectives we had worked in yesterday. We perfected the conceptual figures we had developed on the second day, and populated them with data and/or case studies illustrating the concepts in the figures. Tomorrow, we will share our figures with the larger group, and begin drafting text for a manuscript linking the various conceptual figures.

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In the afternoon, Novus steering committee member and local host for the workshop, Phil Higuera, took us on a hike through Rocky Mountain National Park to his field site of Chickaree Lake. The hike was wet and chilly, but the view of the lake was wonderful!

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On our return trip from the hike, we drove past the continental divide, and also stopped at the Rock Cut tundra scenic overlook. It was windy, and biting cold, but a beautiful foggy overlook of the Colorado tundra ecosystem.


panoramic view of the Rock Cut tundra overlook

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