Novus RCN Scientist Exchange Program now accepting applications

The Novus RCN is currently accepting applications for the Scientist Exchange Program (SEP). This program aims to foster collaboration between early and mid career stage scientists with senior scientists currently working on biogeochemical or ecological impacts of disturbance from decadal to millennial time scales. The goals of this exchange program are to facilitate new collaborations between scientists, build new skills in field, laboratory, or statistical techniques, and assist with production of a deliverable product of the collaboration.

The primary purposes of this program include data generation, acquisition of technical skills, development of collaborative networks among scientists, and creation of novel research products. Applicants may consider using this program to build professional relationships that will potentially be useful for post-graduate research or employment opportunities.

Deadline: Review of applications will begin December 1, 2014.

Funding Details:

  • The Novus RCN will award $1,200 as a stipend to the applicant to support the proposed research.
  • Funding may be applied towards travel to visit a particular lab, institution, or field station; to facilitate training on a particular methodology or technique; and/or to gain expertise in the running of particular software package, scientific equipment, or machinery.
  • Funding is not to be used for attendance or travel to conferences or workshops.
  • Funding must be used during the 2015 calendar year

Application Process: submit the following via email to Dr. Laci Gerhart-Barley at

  1. Short CV (no longer than 2 pages)
  2. Completed application form
  • 1-page research proposal outlining the scientific questions and background for the visit, expected data collection or methodological training, expected timing and location of the visit, and deliverable product
  • Itemized budget: the budget may exceed $1,200 if supplementary funds will be sought from other sources. Other sources of funding (potential or actual) must be listed
  • Contact information and approval from host (can be in the form of a signature or email from host approving application)
  • For graduate students and post docs only, contact information and signature from advisor indicating both support of the visit and the successful passing of comprehensive exams.
  • Completed Applicant Questionnaire

Applicant Qualifications:
Applicants should be in the early career stage, ranging from post-comps (ABD) Ph.D. students up to assistant professor (pre-tenure) level. The research proposal must be complementary to the goals of the Novus RCN (which can be reviewed at Successful applications may focus on research questions in biogeochemistry, climate change, disturbance, ecology, ecosystems, long-term data, paleoecology, or statistics.

Host Qualifications:
Hosts are encouraged to be post-tenure professors (associate professor or higher), or other professional scientists at comparable career stages at governmental institutions (e.g. USGS, USFS) but may be professional scientists at any level. A signature or email indicating support MUST be obtained from the potential host as part of the applicant’s package. Applicants are encouraged to contact hosts prior to beginning their application package in order to insure a strong collaboration between host and applicant.

Note: For the SEP to remain aligned with the goals of the Novus RCN, either the host or applicant (or both) must be within one degree of separation from the Novus network. Either the host or applicant may be within the Novus network themselves, or may be a student, post-doc, mentor, or close colleague of someone in the network. This is a broad network, so please contact Dr. Laci Gerhart-Barley with any questions. Members of the network can be reviewed in full at

Requirements Following Program Participation:

  • Interaction Report: Within 60 days of the use of program funding, the host and awardee will submit a single 2-page interaction report describing the collaboration and the development of the deliverable product. This report should incorporate plans for continued collaboration (if any) and how the applicant and host feel the interaction impacted their future research plans and/or career trajectories.
  • Deliverable Product Report: the Novus RCN will follow up with the host and applicant to determine the outcome of the deliverable product. Acknowledgment of funding is expected in the deliverable product where applicable.

For More Information: Details on the Novus RCN focus and goals may be reviewed at A PDF version of this call for proposals is available here. Questions on the Novus SEP or application process may be addressed to Dr. Laci Gerhart-Barley at or Dr. Jesse Morris at


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