Novus Network Reaches 100 Members!

NovusThe Novus Network is pleased to announce that we have officially reached 100 participating members! These participants represent over 60 institutions (including universities, government organizations, and research institutes) from 16 countries, spanning five continents!

Members of the Novus Network can participate in Novus activities in a variety of ways. Many members follow the Novus blog, or receive our periodical Novus newsletter. Others have attended either of our two Novus Workshops (the results of which are available on the Resources page). Many of our new recent participants have joined in response to the Scientist Exchange Program – which is still currently accepting applications!

There are many opportunities for active involvement in the upcoming years of the Novus Network activities. First, of course, is the Scientist Exchange Program, which is our major collaboration-building activity for Year 3 (previous years hosted the first and second workshops). The following two years will host the third and fourth Novus workshops. The 2015 workshop is anticipated to be held at the LacCore Facility at the University of Minnesota. A topic focus for the workshop has yet to be formalized, but may focus on millennial-scale geochemical disturbance dynamics (potentially including Novus participants collecting our own lake sediment core!). The 2016 workshop may be a more standard presentation-based type of conference, where participants can share research that has been funded, inspired, or influenced by Novus activities. Plans are also under development to secure a financial and structural future to continue Novus RCN activities beyond the initial five-year support.

Updates on all these activities will continue to be posted to the blog, and included in our newsletters! Check back here for details, or contact Laci Gerhart Barley at if you have questions or would like to be involved!

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