Novus Scientist Exchange Program Site Visits: Drs. Fernanda Santos and Rudolf Jaffé

The Novus RCN is pleased to report on the second of our eight SEP site visits to be conducted throughout 2015. In March 2015, Dr. Fernanda Santos (Michigan State University) visited Dr. Rudolf Jaffé (Florida International University).

The project, titled “Export of pyrogenic carbon from Michigan temperate forest soils” focused on quantifying the amount of dissolved pyrogenic carbon (DPC) exported from the Great Lakes forest ecosystem using the compound-specific benzene polycarboxylic acid (BPCA) method. The team planned to quantify DPC levels in Great Lakes forest soil samples in order to address questions relating to post-disturbance carbon loss, and enable better predictions of ecosystem carbon fluxes in response to future disturbance and climate change scenarios.

In the 10-day visit, the team completed all the proposed goals of methodological training on the BPCA method, and DPC data collection on temperate forest soils. The team is now working on data analysis and interpretation and plan to publish the data on their own and/or incorporate this work into a larger grant proposal for additional funding.

Both members of this team were within our ‘one degree of separation’ of Novus parties, and so had not directly interacted with Novus prior to their involvement with the SEP. Dr. Jaffé considered the SEP to be a “very positive experience” and stated “it was a pleasure working with [Dr. Santos] and we are looking forward to further research collaborations with her.” Dr. Santos was excited for the chance to link her current terrestrially-focused work with the aquatic expertise of Dr. Jaffé and also described her experience with the SEP as “very positive.”

The Novus RCN is pleased to have sponsored another successful SEP site visit, and we wish Drs. Santos and Jaffé and their colleagues luck on their future grant proposal!

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