2015 AGU Fall Meeting Session: Biogeochemical cycles in the past – long-term commitments in the future

Conveners of the session would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the 2015 AGU Fall meeting on “Biogeochemical cycles in the past – long-term commitments in the future” (session PP006).

Biogeochemical cycles have been dramatically altered during the Anthropocene as for example prominently evidenced by changes in greenhouse gas concentrations. Many biogeochemical cycles have turnover times much longer than the instrumental record and their natural variability, trends, and time scales of response can only be quantified using paleo-observations and paleo- simulations. These observations and coupled biogeochemistry-climate models are key to predict how long-term biogeochemical changes and feedbacks may evolve in the future.

In this session latest results from marine, terrestrial and cryospheric archives will be presented to quantify past changes in biogeochemical cycles on annual, decadal, millennial, up to orbital time scales and contrasted to state-of-the-art biogeochemical modeling. Special focus will be placed on the implications of these paleo-results for defining natural boundaries of the respective biogeochemical cycles, the potential that we have passed these boundaries in recent decades and the risk of irreversible or abrupt changes in the future.

The deadline for the abstract submission is August 5th, 11:59 P.M. EDT. Abstracts can be submitted to this session here.

Confirmed Invited Speakers include: Eric Galbraith, Mc Gill University, Canada; Rachael Rhodes, Oregon State University, USA; Jimin Yu, Australia National University, Australia; Kirsten Zickfeld, Simon Fraser University, Canada

All sessions accepted for the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting can be reviewed here and abstracts can be submitted to other sessions here.

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