PhD Position: Biogeochemistry, Forest Ecology, Global Change; Boston University, Hubbard Brook RF

Dr. Pamela Templer invites applications for doctoral work in her lab beginning fall 2016 in the areas of biogeochemistry, forest ecology, global change biology and related fields. Applicants should be independent and highly motivated with academic research and/or field experience in plant ecology, soil ecology or nutrient cycling. Funding is available to work on a project at Hubbard Brook examining the effects of climate change on forest productivity and nutrient dynamics in northern hardwood forests. This NSF-funded project aims to better understand how climate change affects biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen, carbon and water.

Dr. Templer’s research program covers a broad range of topics including human impacts
on the global nitrogen cycle, the effects of urbanization on nitrogen and carbon cycling, nutrient inputs from fog to coastal forest ecosystems, and the role of disturbances in nutrient uptake by trees. Students in the lab
participate in the interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Biogeoscience at Boston University, which spans many departments including Biology, Earth & Environment, and Archaeology. The Graduate School at Boston University guarantees five years of salary for Ph.D. students.

To apply: Prospective students are encouraged to contact Dr. Templer ( to discuss potential projects. Please use “Prospective Graduate Student” in the subject line. Details of BU graduate student admissions can be found here.

Deadline: Formal review of applications will begin in our department December 7, 2015, but interested applicants should contact Dr. Templer any time.

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