Announcements from Past Global Changes (PAGES)

Past Global Changes (PAGES) is advertising the following opportunities, announcements, and deadlines:

1. Submit a PAGES Working Group proposal

Submit a proposal for a new PAGES Working Group by 15 November 2015. Ideas for
working groups that would sit within the Environment theme of our new science structure are particularly encouraged in this round.

2. Apply for PAGES meeting support

PAGES offers meeting support under three categories of workshop: Official PAGES Working Group, Educational, and Open Call. The next deadline for applications is 15 November 2015.

3. Community feedback invited on versioning scheme

Many PAGES working groups generate large data compilations, which continually evolve as new data become available or are revised, and as new procedures are used for data processing. Consequently, a community-accepted versioning scheme is needed to increase transparency in publications, and to facilitate replication of results derived from these evolving products. A systematic versioning scheme tracks changes that are made in future iterations of a dataset, assigning a unique identifier to each iteration.

The provisional versioning scheme, currently under discussion in Climate of the Past – Discussions (McKay and Emile-Geay 2015) is as follows: the version number for a data compilation is in the form C1.C2.C3, where C1 is a counter associated with a publication (e.g. PAGES 2k Consortium 2013); every new publication that makes and describes substantial changes to a database would increment the first number by 1. C2 is a counter updated every time the set of sites included in the database changes (every time a record is added or removed). C3 is a counter updated every time a modification is made to the data or metadata in an individual record.

Do you think this versioning scheme is appropriate? Please send your comments on this proposed versioning scheme to Nick McKay (

4. Call for interest in a new Varve Working Group – Data Base (VWG-DB)

A proposal for a new Varve Working Group – Data Base (VWG-DB) will be submitted for the next PAGES deadline (November 2015). A document describing the goals and focus of this potential new group was prepared during a PAGES meeting in Gdansk (19 June 2015) and was subsequently circulated among members of the current Varves Working Group. We are now pleased to send a call for comments and suggestions about this initiative to the entire PAGES community. Please contact us if you want to be involved in this new working group.

5. LandCover6k pollen training course

Are you interested in attending a LandCover6k training course on pollens run by the University of Reading in the UK? Following the success of the course recently held in September on “Pollen source area theory, modeling pollen-vegetation relationships, and dealing with reconstruction uncertainty”, the university is considering offering the course again in early 2016 and would be keen to hear from anyone interested in attending.

6. New Pliocene working group to hold 1st meeting

Our new Pliocene climate variability working group, PlioVAR, will hold its first meeting: Modelling Climate Variability During Critical Intervals of the Late Pliocene, from 29 Feb to 1 Mar 2016 in Leeds, UK. The abstract and poster submission deadline is 13 November 2015. Early-career researcher funding may be available.

7. Ice Core Young Scientists (ICYS) update

Early-career workshop: ICYS is still welcoming registrations from early-career researchers for its upcoming workshop in Hobart, Australia on 6 March 2016. This workshop takes place just prior to IPICS’ 2016 Open Science Conference. Register by emailing:

Special issue opportunity: ICYS has an exciting opportunity for several early-career ice core researchers to participate in the editorial process of the IPICS special issue which will be published in Climate of the Past and The Cryosphere in honor of the upcoming March 2016 IPICS Open Science Conference.

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