Masters and PhD Positions: Global Change Ecology of Plants and Trees, Oklahoma State University

Multiple opportunities for graduate study in global change ecology of plants and trees are available in the Environmental Ecology Lab of Henry Adams in the Department of Botany, Oklahoma State University for Fall 2016. Research and teaching assistantships are available for study towards an MS in Plant Biology or a PhD in Plant Science.  Potential areas of research could include (but are not limited to):

  • Plant phenological responses to heat and drought
  • Physiological ecology of drought- and bark beetle-induced tree mortality
  • Shifting tree-ring growth and climate relationships
  • Climate change ecology of the eastern prairie-forest ecotone
  • Interactive influences of drought and fire in vegetation response to climate change
  • Management of eastern redcedar expansion in the central US.

Research approaches could include observational studies, manipulative experiments in growth chambers, greenhouse, and/or field settings, and data synthesis performed at sites in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and nearby areas of the southwest and south-central US.  These assistantships include tuition waivers and health insurance.

For More Information: Contact Dr. Henry Adams,

To Apply: In your email, please include brief description of your research interests, experience, and career goals, and attach a CV or resume.

Deadline: Applications are due to the graduate college by 1/31/16, but early application is strongly advised for full consideration of acceptance and support.

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