Novus Scientist Exchange Program Site Visits: Arjan Meddens and Dr. Bryan Shuman

IMG_2059 copy

Arjan Meddens (center) collaborates with John Calder (left) and Dr. Bryan Shuman (right)

The Novus RCN is pleased to report on our final Scientist Exchange Program site visit! In September 2015, Arjan Meddens (University of Idaho) visited the lab of Dr. Bryan Shuman (University of Wyoming).

The project, titled “Combining remotely sensed and pollen data to evaluate past bark beetle outbreaks,” focused on reconstructing bark beetle outbreaks in Colorado by combining proxy data from Landsat satellite imagery, lake sediment cores, and surface pollen collection.

During the visit, Meddens presented his research for both an undergraduate course taught by Dr. Shuman and in a departmental seminar open to all University of Wyoming faculty. Using 20 sediment cores throughout north central Colorado, the team reconstructed woody cover over the last 4,000 years. Interestingly, their initial findings suggest that recent bark beetle outbreaks have had significantly larger impacts on woody biomass than those experienced over the last 4,000 years. The study is currently being prepared with manuscript submission anticipated for spring 2016.

In his interaction report, Meddens highlighted how highly productive the visit was, and how the visit allowed him to build ‘long-lasting collaborations with much enthusiasm.’ Meddens also thanked Dr. Shuman’s graduate students, in particularly John Calder, for their support during his visit and contributions to the study.

The Novus RCN is pleased to have contributed to another successful and exciting research project! We look forward to posting the final publication on the Novus blog once it is available!

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