Summer Short Courses in Stable Isotope Ecology, University of Utah

The Inter-University Training for Continental Scale Ecology (ITCE) program at the University of Utah offers two summer short courses in stable isotope methodologies:

Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry and Ecology (aka IsoCamp): emphasizes fundamental environmental and biological theory underlying isotope fractionation processes and a broad spectrum of ecological and environmental applications.

Isotopes in Spatial Ecology and Biogeochemistry (aka the SPATIAL Short Course), extends on the fundamentals covered in the IsoCamp course to develop theory and techniques for applying isotope and biogeochemical tracer data to spatial problems at a range of scales.

Support from the National Science Foundation allows the ITCE program to provide participant financial support for a limited number of student participants in each course. Support will be awarded competitively and is available only to applicants who are graduate students. Applications for participant support can be submitted as part of the course application process, and require an additional short essay and second letter of support.

Student participants will also be eligible for project-supported, post-course exchange visits to conduct research in residence at with one or more ITCE instructors.

To Apply: applications can be submitted via the online portal.

Deadline: Applications will be accepted until February 5th, 2016

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