Research Highlight: 14,000-year lacustrine record from Bear River Range, Idaho

Zachary Lundeen and Andrea Burnelle (University of Utah) recently published a study on the vegetation and fire history of the Bear River Range in southeast Idaho using pollen, macrofossil, and charcoal records of lacustrine sediments spanning the last 14,000 years. The study found that seasonal conditions of summer temperature and winter snowpack significantly affected vegetation structure and fire frequency. Warm summer temperatures and reduced snowpack resulted in exceptionally dry conditions 7100-6000 years BP and anomalously wet summers resulted in unique fire regimes for the area at two points in the record (~8800 and 1800-800 years BP).

Full Citation:
Lundeen, Z.J. and A. Brunelle (2016) A 14,000-year record of fire, climate, and vegetation from the Bear River Range, southeast Idaho, USA, The Holocene, 26(6) 833-842

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