PhD Position: Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction, James Cook University

As part of an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship, Professor Michael Bird is seeking to appoint a PhD student in the general areas of sedimentology, geochemistry and/or palynology. The Laureate project will produce terrestrial records of environmental change before, during and after the arrival of humans in Australian tropical savannas. These records will be extracted from sediments accumulated in newly identified  sinkholes in the northern Australia. Sediment cores will be used to develop palaeoenvironmental records of changes in water balance, vegetation type and fire activity.

The PhD scholarship includes a stipend for 3 years currently valued at AUD$31296 p.a. with costs associated with travel, fieldwork and laboratory analysis covered by the project.

Requirements: Applicants should have a Masters Degree or a First Class Honours degree and an appropriate background in earth sciences (palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, Quaternary geochronology, isotope geochemistry, geomorphology) or archaeology

For More Information: contact Michael Bird at

Closing date for expressions of interest:  June 30th, 2016

Start date: as soon as possible.

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