Novus Participant Updates

Several Novus participants have received awards and new positions recently.

Janice Brahney is now heading the Environmental Biogeochemistry and Paleolimnology Laboratory in the Department of Watershed Sciences at Utah State University. Janice’s research focuses on the intersection between climatology, hydrology, geology, and ecology, particularly in relation to anthropogenic controls on nutrient cycles, climate impacts of freshwater ecosystems, and geochemical analyses of aquatic ecology.

Brian Harvey will be joining the University of Washington in spring 2017 as an assistant professor of forest ecology in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. Brian is currently wrapping up his two-year David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship at the University of Colorado-Boulder, where he is examining resistance and resilience of Rocky Mountain subalpine forests to disturbance and warming climate. Building on his projects in the Rocky Mountains, Brian will now expand his research on the causes and consequences of forest disturbances to include sites in the Pacific Northwest. He and his family are very excited for the move to Seattle and for the opportunities that await them. Brian is currently looking for motivated graduate students and post docs to join his lab starting in Fall 2017, so contact him ( if you are interested!

Becca Barnes (Colorado College) was recently recognized by the American Geophysical Union for her outstanding contributions to review of papers for the Journal of Geophysical Research: Biosciences. When asked what aspects made her stand out, Becca responded “I’m sure my punctuality on reviews helps.”

Brenden McNeil (University of West Virginia) will be joining Harvard Forest from January-July 2017 as a Bullard Fellow. Only seven fellows were chosen this year. Brenden’s research will focus on canopy architecture of Harvard Forest trees.

Do you have information on a new position, grant, award, or other notable update on a Novus participant? Contact Laci Gerhart-Barley at to have it shared to the Novus blog.

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