International Union for Quaternary Science (INQUA) Funding Opportunities

General Information

The International Union for Quaternary Science (INQUA) is accepting proposals for funding that relate to research in the Paleoclimate project (PALCOM). In general,  applications for projects that would fit to International Focus Groups (IFGs) currently available for PALCOM are particularly encouraged. IFGs are not just big projects, but represent commission sub-themes that enable and guide the development of projects that address specific research questions. For the current inter-congress period, there are 2 major IFGs within PALCOM: “Southern Hemisphere Assessment of Palaeo-Environments” (SHAPE), and “Fire-biome interactions and the hydrological cycle in southern Africa during the late Quaternary” (FBI-HYD).

These IFGs exist to support projects, and thus each IFG will develop -as a prerequisite to its existence – a series of projects that address the questions it poses. Projects may exist outside of IFGs, but they should still be reflections of commission strategy.

Projects may exist for any length of time, from one to four years, but considering funding constraints they should not necessarily need or expect full funding each year. In many cases, initial start-up funds may help develop the network, but subsequent activities may not require additional funds to continue their activities.

Besides projects, we also encourage applications for skills. If you intend to submit an IFG application, we highly recommend that it would invole also specific sub-projects. However, due to limited amount of
funding, we cannot simply support too many IFGs.

More information on INQUA funding can be found here.  INQUA application forms are available online. Please note that there is a separate application form for different funding types.

Description of Funding Schemes
INQUA funding is designed to support and facilitate activities that are considered priorities by its Commissions. Commissions sponsor applications for funding, and the INQUA Executive makes decisions concerning the allocation of funding. There are three categories of INQUA funding:

1. funding for International Focus Groups (IFGs),
2. funding for projects,
3. funding for skills enhancement.

Here we provide an explanation of these different funding categories, and application forms for each.

INQUA funding is strictly limited and normally only provides *seed money for activities*. Applicants will generally need to find additional support for activities from e.g. government councils, foundations, and other international agencies. INQUA prioritises support for the participation of early-career and developing-country researchers in INQUA activities. INQUA does not fund fieldwork or the purchase of equipment or analyses, nor does it fund the research project of an individual scientist; all of these are more appropriately funded by government councils, foundations, and other agencies.

INQUA IFG/project funding is intended to support workshops relating to the development of the research networks defined in the project proposals. While it may be beneficial for these workshops to be held with other regional or international meetings, INQUA funds may not be used for participation at, or support during, other meetings. These restrictions remain in force even if participation is deemed IFG/project related, or an IFG/project session is being held. INQUA IFG/project workshops are expected to be dedicated events. Thus, while they may be held directly before or after other meetings, they may not be concurrent.

Budget justification: the proposal forms include a short section requiring the applicant to justify the need for individual budget items. You will need to show how each expense is instrumental in achieving the goals of the activity.


*All applications for INQUA funding (IFG’s, projects, skills) have a single deadline each year. For projects beginning in 2017, the deadline for the submission of proposals to the commissions is October 15, 2016.*

*Applicants should contact Commission Presidents well in advance of this deadline for more information.*

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