Novus IV Workshop Applications Open

We are pleased to announce details on the Novus IV Workshop, titled “Integrating across temporal scales to understand disturbances and their biogeochemical impacts.”

The workshop will be held at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, USA; September 28-29, 2017

The Novus Research Coordination Network focuses on integrating long and short timescale approaches to understanding ecosystem response to disturbance. The 4th and Capstone workshop of the Novus RCN will address accomplishments in this research area in the past 5 years, current challenges, and emerging frontiers in temporal scaling of disturbance and ecosystem processes. We expect attendees with a wide range of expertise in modern ecosystem ecology, vegetation dynamics, soil science, modeling, paleoecology, and dendrochronology. The meeting will be two full days with 20 invited plenary speakers, contributed poster presentations, and field excursions at the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study site.

The Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study was established in 1955, and pioneered the small watershed technique as a method of studying ecosystem processes. This site is one of the most famous ecosystem studies on Earth, located in the mixed northern hardwood forest in the White Mountains. The site is known for disturbance experiments and long-term monitoring of forests and their associated aquatic ecosystems.

We invite you now to apply for a limited number of available openings to present a poster of your work, or to participate in the workshop. The deadline for application is Thursday 1, June 2017. All posters will be featured in one-minute lightning talks.

Funding is available for a limited number of applicants, and preference will be given to early career scientists. The deadline for funding application is Monday 15, April 2017. We will review your application and notify you shortly thereafter.

To apply to present your research or to attend the workshop, please send an email to Berangere Leys <> by Thursday 1, June 2017, containing:

–       Your name, affiliation and address

–       Your position and career stage (PhD student, postdoc, professor, manager…)

–       Your area of expertise

–       An abstract of your work IF you would like to present it as a poster.

–       Please specify if you need financial support to attend the workshop. If so, please remember that the deadline is Monday 15, April 2017.

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