AGU session: Integrating Data and Models in Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology: Current Approaches, Emerging Challenges, and Next Steps

There is another good Novus-relevant AGU session, for your consideration and potential abstract submission in the next few days. It is being co-organized by Simon Goring who can be contacted with any questions:<>

Session ID#: 26532
Session Description:
A key contribution of paleo-data to Earth system modeling is providing constraints for testing model reliability and suitability under conditions very different from present.  Increasingly, proxy data networks and their derived paleoenvironmental inferences are being directly assimilated into Earth system model simulations to improve inference about past earth system dynamics.  This data-model assimilation, however, is complicated by depositional and biological processes that create uncertainty in proxy data and about alignment of proxy variables with those used within models of Earth system change. There remain non-trivial challenges in deriving data products from paleo-data suitable for use in dynamic models used in forecasting the various components of Earth system change. This session will address three central themes; (1) new or emerging methods to improve inference from paleo-proxy data, (2) techniques for informing Earth system models using paleo-data, and (3) case studies where paleo-data has been used to inform predictions of future change.

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