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Novus RCN Newsletters:

Issue 1: July 2013
Issue 2: Nov 2013
Issue 3: May 2014
Issue 4: September 2014
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Novus RCN Workshops:

PROBEPROBE Workshop: In April of 2012, twenty-four researchers met at Konza Prairie Biological Station near Manhattan, Kansas. The workshop, titled PaleoReconstructions of Biogeochemical Environments (PROBE) focused on unifying records of disturbance and ecosystem response over decadal to multimillennial timescales.

PROBE Products:
American Geophysical Union’s EOS Newsletter
Past Global Changes newsletter
Reconstructing disturbances and their biogeochemical consequences over multiple timescales (published in BioScience)

Novus Workshop, Year I: In May of 2013, twenty-seven researchers from over 20 different institutions met at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest and LTER Site near Eugene, OR. This workshop focused on temporal scaling of disturbance impacts from individual disturbance events, to centennial-scale development of disturbance regimes, to millenial-scale shifts in disturbance regimes.

Novus I Products:
Attendees list with links to research pages
Attendees list with contact information
Meeting report in New Phytologist

Novus Workshop, Year II: In September of 2014, twenty-five researchers from 21 different institutions spanning 3 countries met at the YMCA of the Rockies near Rocky Mountain National Park. The workshop focused on biogeochemical responses to disturbance events, interactions amongst multiple disturbance agents, and linking concepts of disturbance regimes across spatial and temporal scales.

Novus II Products:
Attendance list with contact information

Scientist Exchange Program, Year III: For the third year, the Novus RCN funded a scientist exchange program (SEP) designed to promote new collaborations, enhance research skills, and provide professional development for early and mid-career scientists. The awards supported travel of the awardee to a host institution to facilitate the project. Eight SEPs were awarded and visits occurred throughout the 2015 calendar year.

Summary of SEP Participants and Projects

Site Visit Blog Reports:
John Calder (University of Wyoming) and Dr. Johnathan Thompson (Harvard)
Drs. Fernanda Santos (Michigan State University) and Rudolph Jaffé (Florida International University)
Drs. Emanuele Ziaco (University of Nevada-Reno) and Ingo Heinrich (GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences)
Drs. Heather Alexander (University of Texas-Brownsville) and Jill Johnstone (University of Saskatchewan)
Drs. Brian Buma (Univ of Alaska, Southeast) and Rebecca Barnes (Colorado College)
Drs. Ryan Kelly (Boston University) and Tatiana Loboda (University of Maryland)
Volodymyr Trotsiuk (Czech University of Life Sciences) and Dr. Neil Pederson (Harvard)

Research Protocols:

Video: How to collect a core sample from a living tree
Written Protocol: Nitrogen analysis of tree ring chronologies (from sample collection to isotope analysis)